Sculptors, Ceramicists, Painters & Designers
    Jonathan Wade Sculptural Ceramics
    Rebecca Sagoo Bespoke Pottery
    Suresh Dutt Moving from glass into sculpture
    Alister Gonse Designer and manufacturer of bespoke staircases and architectural features.
    James Maclachlan Glass Artist
    Steven Parry Wood-fired Ceramics
    Russell Paige Ceramics
    Katherine gili Sculptor
    Dave Morris Sculptor
    Roger Woodiwiss Artist
    Ray Robinson Paintings
    Ray Robinson Sculpture
  Galleries in London, Oxford and Cambridge who have shown work with which I have empathy
    Adrian Sassoon Gallery One of the world's leading art dealers
    Gimpel Fils Gallery Founded in 1946, initially specialising in sculpture and abstract painting. Now includes film-makers and photographers
    Poussin Gallery Promoted abstract painting and sculpture. Closed in 2012. The website acts as an archive
    Primavera Cambridge, Pioneering British Contemporary Art and Design
    Oxford Ceramics Gallery