"The ceramic pieces are created through a variety of influences. The intention is non-figurative yet there are figurative references. I concentrate on the dynamics of form, space, structure, balance and imbalance. The sculpture is a progression from my past work but influenced by drawings made of the figure and landscape.

Other references range from Gaudi's models for sculptural columns to the fragmented Greek sculptures found in the British Museum. I enjoy the making process where the outcome is not predetermined. Sculptures are predominantly constructed from slabs of clay but some incorporate modified thrown forms or the use of a mould.

There is an overlap in terms of dialogue with abstraction and an organic development process between sculpture and the drawings, although the latter are always made directly from the motif. The drawings revisit what most absorbs me, the challenge of using the limitations of charcoal and paper, to arrive at an equivalent presence to that which is front of me. My drawing process is one where the image is forever being changed and modified, responding to the space and structure of my subject. Conclusions are elusive."

Dwelling, 2012
height 195mm